Community Team


Interested in being a pacer for the Icebreaker 8K? Are you able to keep a steady pace and hold a pacer sign while you run? Are you able to smile and encourage other runners to reach their goals? Reach out to us through the link below and let us know what pace/finish time you are interested in and any previous pacing experience you may have (no experience necessarily required though).


Community Run Ambassador Program

For the 2025 Icebreaker, we welcome back our ambassadors from the previous year, as well as have added one additional ambassador. Our ambassadors have been chosen because they value living healthy and active lifestyles, the importance of building and giving back to the community, and because they are overall rad people! We are always looking for more ambassadors and pacers.




"Rich" is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor at West Richmond Community Center and has lived in Steveston since 2015. Rich grew up in Vancouver playing field hockey, training with the Canadian National Team and won a 1997/19998 National Championship for B.C. As a runner, Rich has completed two full marathons, including the grueling "Run the Rock" on Texada Island, B.C. in 3:59. He has run over 50 races in his life, including 12 half marathons - his fastest being the 2015 First Half which he ran in 1:34.

Rich's fitness regime includes cycle fit, tabata, running, weight training, plus a monthly personal goal. For Rich, fitness and running isn't about being fast or even getting faster; it's about the freedom, the fresh air and helping his mental health. He believes physical health and mental health go hand in hand. 

"Running is the best way for me to combat my struggles with anxiety and stress. There is no better way for me to decompress, take out my frustrations or get creative inspiration, then listening to music and going for a run on the dyke." - Rich

Join Richard in Steveston on January 15th at the Icebreaker!

rob reid


Rob is a Manager of Business Process at the Ledcor Group of Companies. Because his work involves lots of meeting rooms, desk time, and travelling to visit project teams, he always looks for a chance to sneak out for a run and stretch his legs.

Rob started running in his late 20's when his first child came along. Running was the perfect excuse to build fitness and steal a little bit of time for himself. For many years he ran alone, until 2017 when he raced in his first half marathon. Since then, he has run many other half marathons, 5K's, 10K's, and a few Icebreaker 8K's. 

As a husband and proud father of two children (ages 11 and 7), he loves events like the Icebreaker that allow for the whole family to participate. He can run the New Balance 1K Kidsrun with his kids and have plenty of time to get back to the start line for the Icebreaker 8K. Rob and his two kids are also frequent supporters at the Richmond Olympic parkrun.

Rob has been a proud Richmond resident for over 20 years and you can often find him running in one of his favourite places - on the dyke. Rob believes strongly in setting healthy examples for his kids, his peers, and his community, and strives to support the local running community and many other locally-owned businesses along the way.

erin lee


Erin is a Senior Manager at Rogers Communications in Consumer Care and has lived in Steveston for 20 years, and Richmond for over 35 years. Family involvement in Richmond sports and recreation runs deep for Erin. 

Both her husband and son were born and raised in Richmond, and were active in Richmond Soccer programs. Erin's husband, Tim, and son, Jamieson, own and operate Sanctuary Cafe at the south end of No. 2 Road, and community involvement is an integral part of their lives. 

Erin started running in her late 20's to stay in shape. Running 5km progressed to 10km, then to half marathons and full marathons. In her late 30's she transitioned to triathalons and completed four Iron distance events by her mid 40's. 

Now at 50 years old, Erin continues to take a balanced approach to fitness, including gravel riding, backcountry backpacking, weight training, swimming, road cycling, and running. 

Kim hall


Kim has been running the dykes of Richmond her whole life. Richmond born and bred and still a local resident, she is a former member of Kajaks Track & Field Club and ran her first Vancouver Sun Run at 12 years old. She ran on scholarships for the varsity UBC track and Queen's University running teams, and then progressed to road running. She has ran 6 international marathons, including Boston, New York, and Vienna.

As a strong advocate for health and wellness and being active for life, Kim pursued a career in physiotherapy and is the owner and founder of Physio2U, which started in Richmond, BC. In the past, she has volunteered as a cross-country coach and board member for Kajaks, and has raced many Icebreaker 8K's. She is thrilled to be back as an ambassador for the 2023 Steveston Icebreaker 8K.

If you live in Richmond, you will likely see her training at Minoru track and the dykes wearing her favourite New Balance 1400v6 running shoes! Be sure to stay tuned for running injury prevention tips from Kim on social media - @kimphysio. 

evan dunfee


Evan has never strayed too far from Richmond. Born and raised here, Evan joined the Kajaks when he was 9 years old, along with his brother Adam. One year later he gave race walking a try, won his first race and from then on knew that one day he wanted to make it to the Olympic podium. In 2016 Evan found himself coming so close to that podium dream when he finished 4th in the 50km race walk. A last kilometre bump in the battle for the bronze medal initially saw Evan promoted to bronze before an appeal saw him back in 4th. Showing true sportsmanship, Evan decided not to appeal further and his 4th place finish and subsequent actions became one of the top stories of the Rio Games. 

With his larger platform after the Games, Evan became a KidSport Ambassador, and did numerous fundraisers, school talks and other events to raise money and speak to the value of sport and activity. With the whole community of Richmond and beyond behind him, Evan entered the postponed Tokyo Games this past summer as one of the medal favourites. Again, with just a kilometre to go in the 50km race, Evan saw himself outside the medals in 4th place, but an inspiring push for home moved him into the bronze medal position just meters from the finish line and he finally claimed that medal he’d been dreaming of for 21 years. 
The impacts of Evan’s medal were immediately felt back home; Kraft Dinner, a sponsor of Evan’s during the games, donated 35,000 boxes of KD to the Richmond Food Bank, and Evan raised another $20,000 for KidSport BC through auctioning off special edition KD boxes. Never shy to voice his opinion and stand up for what he believes in, Evan not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk as he continues to change lives and lift up communities by demonstrating the power of chasing a dream.

leslie reilly


Leslie is a long time Richmond resident. She graduated from Steveston High in 1982 and spent her university years in Vancouver before a brief stint in Texas. When it was time to start a family, she and her husband returned to Richmond.

An avid runner since the age of 18, she has run many half marathons and 10 kms, and has run the Vancouver, Portland, Chicago, Boston, and New York Marathons. Qualifying for and running the Boston Marathon in 2007 was definitely a highlight. Her favourite distance is the half marathon, and her best time was 1:38:38 at the First Half in 2009.

Beyond running, Leslie loves road cycling and weight lifting, and is co-owner of the Steveston based gym, Shift and Lift. She loves her community and strongly believes in participating in and giving back to it, understanding that healthy communities help build healthy people.

As a Clinical Social Worker, Leslie is an advocate for the powerful effect of physical activity on mental health, and the importance of strength at every age. For her, running is meditation in motion, and is her favourite activity. She is excited to be an ambassador for the Icebreaker 8K and hopes to continue to share her love of running with others.

jeremy hopwood


Jeremy is a local Steveston resident who enjoys getting out for a run with the Steveston Run Crew and the Richmond Olympic Parkrun. Over the last 17 years since moving to Canada, Jeremy has been an active participant in the running and triathalon scene, competing in over 200 events across BC and beyond. A recent highlight includes winning the 2022 Ultra520K Canada Triathalon!
Outside of racing, Jeremy is involved in the local community, coaching Junior Development with Kajaks Track and Field Club, as well as being on the race committee for the Steveston Icebreaker. Jeremy is always up for an interesting run challenge and looking for new opportunities to do something out of the ordinary. Look out for Jeremy on race day volunteering out on the course!

 takami shirai


Takami serves as a run leader at Steveston Run Crew where his focus is on creating a warm and
supportive community. He treasures the connections that running fosters. To him, it's not just about crossing finish lines, but the shared journey and bonds forged along the way. He often incorporates his love for running into his travels, ensuring that his vacations are centred on events. Japan is a favorite destination, which offers the perfect blend of race energy and
relaxation through the serene onsen experiences.

Professionally, Takami's dedication to promoting health extends beyond the pavement. As a
physiotherapist, he works closely with a diverse clientele at Pure Motion Physiotherapy in
Steveston. Beyond the clinic, he dedicates his time at Richmond Hospital where he helps
individuals overcome injuries and illnesses through functional mobility.

As an ambassador for the Steveston Icebreaker, Takami is excited to be part of a thriving
community and looks forward to making more connections through this role.